Google reverse image search alternatives

Reverse Image Search Engine has been around for a long time, but it's really easy for those who don't know it yet. The reverse image search is similar to a normal search, but you upload the image instead of entering the search content.

Google's reverse search is probably the most famous of these engines, but what to do when you're not lucky? Fortunately, plenty of Google reverse image search alternatives help you find what you're looking for.

Reverse image search alternative

1. Bing Image Search

Bing is one of the leading companies competing with Google search. So it's no surprise that Bing has its image reversal feature. And it's no surprise that this tool is powerful, quick, and will ensure that it fits your expectations.

You can search by crawling the same or related image (different size) on the web. For uploading photos, you can also insert image links.

Like Google, Bing takes the privacy of its users very seriously. No one will discover the images you upload. And they are automatically deleted.

2. Yandex Image Search

Yandex is the most well-liked and most used search engine in Russia. It is also the fourth most used search engine in the world. Millions of people use it. Therefore, we can't expect anything less than a reverse image search. Yandex image search is easy to use, works amazingly well, and provides a good experience behind the desired results. The search returns an exact match or a related image of a different size.

Whether you're looking for all websites that use a particular image or related images that competitors use in their blogs, Yandex reverse search is a reliable service.

3. Pinterest Visual Search Tool

In the Gram and Snaps world, Pinterest is one of the leading image-sharing platforms that continue to grow consistently. Of course, it's not just sharing images. Among many features, it provides a visual search tool.

Pinterest's visual search tool is very powerful. And, of course, it has a huge database of visual content created by the user. Therefore, you can get many similar, relevant, or accurate images in reverse search.

You need a Pinterest account to use this tool. If you don't have one before, create one. Upload the image you want to search backward. A search icon appears in the lower right corner when you click a pin. Click on it.

You will get more Ideas, which means more similar images.

Indeed, the Pinterest visual search tool is unlike other traditional free reverse image search tools. However, Pinterest is very big, popular, and has many images, so it is worth mentioning here. It may not be a tool to crush fake news or to track down the source of visuals. But it's a great tool for finding related and similar images.

4. Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Image Search is a tool that can obtain almost the same results as Google Image Search. Therefore, you can find the most appropriate and perfect alternative to Google image search. In this image search, you don't have to make any effort to find these because the filtering tools are displayed. You get perfect access to the most attractive and valuable filtering tools to narrow your search. Yahoo Image Service had unlimited photos storage, but it had to have photos with JPEG / JPG extension.


You can use your favored search engine (Google, Bing, Yandex) to perform reverse image searches. Or, if you prefer to use a search engine specifically designed for reverse image searches, is just the tool for that. Finally, you can use either a Mac or a PC for this task. It also makes no difference what browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.).

With, you can search by image or do a so-called reverse search. You can upload images or search by URL. Here is how to reverse search an image.

Click the Upload button from to locate the image you wish to search for and upload the image from your computer or mobile device.

To search by URL, copy the URL address of the image and paste it into the search box.

How to reverse google image search?

Access the Google image and click the camera icon in the search box for the image reverse search Google. You can upload images from your PC/Laptops or paste links to pictures you find online.

To paste a link to an image you find online, right-click over the image and choose Copy Image Address. You can paste this image into the search box. By default, the search box should be set to Paste Image URL.

Using Chrome or Firefox, you can drag pictures from your computer to the search box.

Chrome users have another advantage. You can perform a reverse image search when you encounter images on your website. You can easily find pictures by right-clicking over them and choosing Find Pictures in Google.

How is it dissimilar from Google Images searches?

When you search in a Google image, you typically enter keywords such as flowers or landscapes to display the most relevant images associated with those keywords.

However, in a reverse image google search, you start by uploading the image or entering the URL of the image on the net. In doing so, Google can see what you are looking for and find images and information related to that image.


Several free reverse image search websites contain billions of images in their database, but is the best for your needs for Google images reverse image search. Finding accurate images, sources, and relevant information on the Internet is not easy. It's like looking for a thorn in a haystack. It is also a challenge to find deleted versions of images and websites that use the ideas of individuals without permission. So, is the best solution for you.

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