Facebook Image Search: How to Reverse Search Image

Looking for a specific photo on Facebook? No problem! You can search for photos using the Facebook search bar at the top of the site. However, if you are looking for a photo that’s been deleted or hidden from public view, you might have to take a different approach.

In this article, you will get a better understanding of how to do Facebook Image Search Reverse and how to Reverse Image Search on a Phone.

How to Reverse Image Search Facebook

Are you looking for someone you know with a face but don't know their name? You must be confused about how you can find them with a single picture. You required a proper name with a photo to search for someone on Facebook.

Purpose of Facebook Reverse Image Search 

The Reverse Image Search tool is not only used to identify people through images. It has other advantages that you will find very attracted to:

  • This tool will help you find the source and the owner who holds the image's rights.
  • It will help you identify if the image is plagiarized.
  • This tool is handy and free to use on any mobile.

The Best Two Ways to do the Reverse Image Search on Facebook

You can easily locate or find the source of your image in two ways: 

  1. This is true that Facebook doesn’t have any reverse image search tool. Rather, you can use the numerical ID that the Facebook service provides to every image so that you can easily find the source of your image. 
  2. Another way to do the mobile reverse image search is Google Images Search. This is the most effective and free tool you can use without a Facebook app.

Step-by-Step Guide on Facebook Image Reverse Search

Besides using the Google Images search tool, you can use the following method within Facebook to search images and allocate its profile. Follow the instructions to search for the image on your Facebook.

Find the Facebook Photo ID Numbers

If you have a profile that doesn't belong to the person of whom you have the photo. It is because people share the images of their fellows on their profiles, so it isn't easy to find the owner of the image. The profile of the person you are looking for would be where the photo originated.  

There is also another opportunity that you get the original profile of the person, but because of privacy settings, you may find it a fake Facebook ID. The profile should be in public view if you want the best results.

Step 1: Locating the Facebook Photo ID Number

1. You first have to find the Facebook photo ID number that Facebook assigns to every uploaded image. 

2. To find the image number, right-click on the image and open the photo in a bigger form. 

3. Then again, right, click on the image, and find the image address by clicking on the 'Copy Image Address.' This is how you can easily find the image's original link from someone else's profile.

4. When opening the link to the saved picture, you will get the FB number. Fb stands for Facebook, and when you get the FB number, you can easily locate the image on the Facebook app. 

5. The number in the link would be in three sets of numbers looks like:

Or the URL can also look like this:

6. In these images, all you need is to get the second or the middle set of the numbers because these numbers are the original Facebook photo of the profile.

7. This is the best way to find the exact image of the profile on Facebook. The last step is to match the image ID from your laptop folder to your Facebook profile ID.

Step 2: Look into the Facebook Profile

1. You can also use the second number to locate the original Facebook profile. 

2. For this, open the new tab on chrome and paste the following link:                            

3. Before the ‘fbid=' inserts the second image ID number with no space or decimals.

4. With this method, you can easily get the original Facebook Profile. 

This is the best and easiest way to reverse image search Facebook photos. There is another trustworthy website for you where you can get the same access as the reverse Facebook image search is ImgReverse.

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